mooi idee

This listing is for the digital embroidery pattern 'Flourishing Crown'. The digital file is for a 7" hoop and also includes a simple stitch list and color specs. If you have any questions about this pattern or design please let me know. This pattern requires the basic knowledge of only three embroidery stitches! It's great for beginners! In case you have any questions on how to create a specific stitch, I've included the stitch name. A quick Google or YouTube search will provide all the information you need to get started if you are new to stitching. Again, thank you for your support and I can't wait to see what you've created. Please join me on Instagram for more inspiration and upcoming patterns: username 'tinkerellen', hashtag for this pattern: #flourishingthepattern. Happy stitching!! * This pattern is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not create items for sale using this pattern. Please do not alter or redistribute this pattern. Please do not alter this pattern and claim as your own design. Thank you for complying with these guidelines. 2017 tinkinstitches