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More beautiful Tichels >> GET 10% OFF ! Use coupon >> 10FORYOU THESE ARE TYING INSTRUCTIONS - INSTANT DOWNLOAD. NOT A FINISHED ACCESSORY ITEM. Here you can get the tying instructions for your SCARF Tichel. You will get these simple written instructions and pictures. You can print this PDF file and use it to make tying easier for you. HOW TO TIE MY SINAR TICHEL- STEP BY STEP: 1. Place your tichel/sinar on your head. Make sure the square part in the middle is covering your head and the two strips on the side are hanging down evenly. 2. Take both strips of the sinar and tie in the back and bottom of your head, over the lower fabric of the square part of your tichel/sinar. 3. Take one strip of the sinar and wrap it over top of your head, and hold it at your neck. 4. Take the second strip of your sinar-apron and wrap it over the top of your head (in the opposite direction of the first strip) 5. Tie both strips of your tichel-mitpachat at the lower back of your head. Whatever tail ends of the strips are left can be tucked into the tichel in the back. Congradulations!! Now you completed your sinar-apron -haircover. * So easy to look so beautiful! * NEW! HOW TO SEW YOUR TICHEL: * So easy and look so beautiful! * How to tie TRIANGLE Tichel>>> How To Tie My SCARF (Rectangle) TICHEL>>> NEW NOW AVAILABLE IN MY SHOP! 1) Base cap anti slipping and makes volume to your haircovering!!! great price! Click here>>>> 2) Anti slip headband No Slip Headband! Keeps your head covering in place all day!! Click here>>> for a step by step guide on how to tie the mitpachat- Want to see more? Click here>>> Ships from Israel