Description Colors Sizing Fabric Care INTRODUCING THE MIMU SCARF  Much like the rest of our collection, the MIMU Scarf was born from our years of frustration it not finding what we wanted to wear. As headscarf lovers — ever since we got married — we were always on the hunt for good quality tichels (that's the yiddish word for the headscarves worn by Jewish women!). But more than that, we wanted solid colors. And more than that, GOOD colors. And we wanted them to be lightweight, but weighted enough to hold a good shape (and not fall flat like a shmata on your head!). And to actually do their job and STAY ON.  When we somehow found the rare scarf that fulfilled SOME (aka never ALL) of these criteria, we LIVED in them (and got sick of them, fast). We wanted options. Why was it so hard to find?  Now that we had an in with the fabric industry, and had a cumulative 17 years of married experience shopping for tichell (and talking to all our hair-covering friends and family who shared the frustration!) we decided to take matters into our own hands...well, heads :)  We discussed what we didn't love about the tichels we wore.  We analyzed what worked about the ones we liked.  We tested fabrics. And sizes. And colors.   100% Cotton  Slightly textured fabric Beautiful solid colors  Perfectly weighted fabric: light, but thick enough to hold its shape Slightly textured feel adds interest — and function Fabric keeps its tie, and stays on your head  TICHEL TIPS for Bandana-style wear:  When tying the scarf like a bandana over your hair, pull apart the layers at the sides to create more volume and texture. Wear your hair in a bun higher up to create volume and prevent the "falling flat" look.  Reopen and re-tie the scarf to refresh the shape and hold #MIMUSCARF  Please note: the photos represent the colors well :)     Black Beauty Au Naturale White: crisp, bright, clean white.  Mint: it's a tint of green — subtle but there.  Petal Pink: You can almost smell the freshness. Peach Beach: Perfect peach, slightly pastel. Lavendar Luv: You'll LUV this true lavender. Coral Crush: Pretty classic coral...but prettier.  Summer Dusk: Faded blue, subtle purple tinge — think periwinkle.   Green Goddess: Deep green you'll adore Marvelous Mauve: Deep neutral purple Regal Rose: Muted peach DIMENSIONS: 40" X 40" (Scarf is a perfect square.) 100% Cotton You should be able to wear your MIMU scarf plenty without having to wash it. If you need to wash it: wash delicate and hang dry.  Scarf may wrinkle with wear (we don't mind it, we even like it!) — especially where it ties. If you want to smooth out your scarf, simply put your (dry) scarf in the dryer for under a minute! :) Or you can choose to iron lightly or steam it!