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Our most beloved kitchen tools are often the most troublesome to tuck away. From oversized rolling pins that don’t quite fit in drawers to that pile of pans that plunges from the cabinet nearly every day, disorderly kitchen tools can be enough to drive a home cook nuts. Not sure how to store your kitchen utensils? All that Southern kitchen needs is a little planning and plenty of ideas for making cabinets, countertops, and drawers work a little harder. Whether you’re embarking on a full kitchen makeover or just looking for a few tips to get your kitchen tools tamed, these kitchen organization ideas for your cooking utensils are sure to come in handy. Some solutions for organizing your kitchen utensils are as simple as buying the right kind of drawer insert. Others will make you think about using spaces you’ve never thought of as organizational options, like the side of your fridge. No matter which organization idea you try, we’re sure it’ll help you keep your sanity when you’re cookin’ up a storm.